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Maximum Championship Fighting (MCF) is the

Prime Boxing Promotion bringing the real life

boxing feel into SL. Great entertainment for every

one. Using the free ACPBS Boxing Hud we bring

you the "Like seen on TV" feeling.


Welcome to Good Morning Maxine, an awesome

variety talk show to help start your day.


Shibuya Skulls is a cool Second Life tribute band.


These shows are no longer being filmed by us, but our footage of them

is being maintained as part of our archive. CLICK HERE to see some of

the awesome shows we have shot in the past.

Once upon a time, there was a Gecko who

traveled around in a magic toilet, and read fan-

fiction to all who would listen. Stories are available

as free downloadable audiobooks via any

YouTube video download service.

Learning Curve was a precursor to the other

shows I have on this channel. While I am no

longer producing this show, it still has some cool


I get on camera, and talk about stuff while

responding to live chat.

Digital Wrestling Round Table (DWRT) discusses

events in Second Life's Wrestling community in a

open talk show format.

Apex Championship Wrestling, Second Life’s Hottest Professional Wrestling Company.
Apocadelic Performance Wrestling (APW) is a professional wrestling promotion that was founded by Broly Blackheart and Aurora Flinders in early 2012.
In the future, there is, one show, that brings you all the action. Apocalyptic wrestling awesome at the DSE.
HAWX, Hellkat Angelz Wrestling X-treme is the Premere HUD Style Pro Women's wrestling federation in SL! We feature the best of both traditional pro style and modern wrestling.
High Impact Wrestling is a wrestling promotion tailored to offer alternative shows that are funny, and offer big impact high flying matches.
MGW is an open contract fed, which means anyone, from anywhere, can challenge anyone, from anywhere, to a match. You never know who might show up!
Professional Wrestling Australia features awesome wrestling action in the Australian Outback with some your favorite wrestlers from the land down under.
United Honor Wrestling (uHw) was founded in January 2011 by Sam Luchiano under the name uWs (United Wrestling Syndicate), and now currently owned by Maxine Darkwatch.
Home of the most violent, and entertaining wrestling federation on the face of the second life grid.

In Can I Shoot This I shoot stuff while you watch

me shoot it, and then you leave me comments

about what to shoot in the next episode.

In the future, where everything he loved is dead,

Tony Blaze finds a way to fit in, because one thing

that hasn't changed is human nature, and there are

always crimes to solve.

In Wandering With Zarrakan Yue I highlight

subjects in Second Life that set an example of

what this beautiful alternate world can offer its


On this talk show I cover a wide variety of topics ranging from benign to those that have the potential of offending a lot of people.

Take a chance, and roll the D.I.E., and join us

every Tuesday @ 4pm slt for great wrestling


Power House Wrestling is a new pro wrestling

promotion in Second Life. It will be focusing on old

school and indie type wrestling.

Total CHAOS Wrestling....where the old world

ends, and the chaos begins. From inside a

forgotten prewar bunker.....where only the strong

remain, and the rest fall in vain! Total CHAOS


Welcome to REVOLUTION Wrestling!  A new era of professional wrestling in Second Life.  Home of the Nova Gym, and the Three Count Arcade.

Zarrakan is a diceless narrative role-playing game

(RPG) with no set genre that focuses more on

storytelling than detailed rules. Zarrakan is

frequently updated, and Zarrakan is available for

download HERE, and is also available on Amazon

in Kindle format. I run taped Zarrakan sessions on

Second Life regularly, and be contacted for



The Global Online Hockey Association (GOHA) is

the virtual world's premier team sports community.

Est. 2006. GOHA has been featured on SL

Showcase, CNN online, TreetTV, and


Awesome hockey action since 2007!


Willis Bailey Motorsports was founded to offer the

best road racing possible in Second Life. They

continue to provide drivers with many different and

unique race tracks tuned to premium road-racing

vehicles, as well as the comfort of a friendly and

welcoming racing community. Willis Bailey

Motorsports is free for anyone seeking a real


The Digital Championship Wrestling Federation

(prior Second Life Championship Wrestling), or

DCWF, was founded in January 2008 by Ivan

Halfpint and Mattie McCullough, and is the longest

running federation in the history of Second Life.

Virtual Wrestling Entertainment. One of the best

wrestling shows in Second Life with a full

multimedia presentation. Lights, music, camera,

action! =D

We are the Women's Pro Wrestling Federation

of Second Life, bringing you the best in

Women's Wrestling!

HardCore Wrestling is your premiere location for hard hitting wrestling action!
VAW which is also known as Virtual Attitude Wrestling, is a grid wide sports entertainment organization bringing attitude back to wrestling every week.
The Furry Wrestling Federation features a flurry of furries in a show where the fur flies from the top rope, and slams your senses with sweet action.