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Services are provided on a “first pay first serve” basis where whoever pays for services first will be served before everyone else during the time frame that services are paid for. EX: Wasser and Boots both have seperate shows at 7:00 PM Centeral Standard Time, and both want me to film their shows, but Boots pays me first. Thus Boot’s show will be filmed, and Wasser will need to wait until the time frame becomes available for purchase again, or pay for a different time frame. Fees are assessed on a per project basis, and must be paid in full before any work begins by checking the ZARRAKAN PRODUCTIONS CALENDAR FOR OPEN TIME FRAMES, and  contacting me directly. Collected fees are held until successful delivery of a project, and will be refunded if a project cannot be delivered for any reason EXCEPT THE CANCELLATION OF A SCHEDULED EVENT. Purchasing my filming services for a scheduled event ensures that I am available to film your event, and prevents others from hiring me for the same time frame. Without this one refund exception there would be the potential for people to “time camp” in an endless loop of hire - refund - hire which is not fair to anyone. DO NOT HIRE ME TO FILM AN EVENT THAT YOU KNOW IS GOING TO BE CANCELED. Event cancellations should only be due to UNPREDICTABLE CIRCUMSTANCES beyond your control, but should an event be canceled you can still use the paid for time frame to have me film whatever you like. EX: Boots planned on having me film a wrestling event from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM Central Standard Time, but her event is canceled at the last minute because Boots has no commentators. I do not give Boots a refund, but she did pay for two hours of filming, and thus she decides to use the time frame to have me film wrestling promos instead. 1000L or $4 Per Hour of Filming. FILMING Filming block tiers are meant to contain the runtime of 1 show per customer purchase, and the time it takes to render the raw video into a transferrable format, which is usually the same amount of time it took to film (1 hour of film = 1 hour of rendering = 2 total hours of work). A customer can choose to pay the difference between their present film tier, and the next higher film tier if a show runs past its expected run time, but otherwise the camera will be shut off after the passage of filming tier paid for. EX: If Wasser pays for 2 hours of Second Life film (2 X 1000 =  2000L), and his show runs past 2 hours, the camera will be shut off unless he pays another 1000L to cover the 3rd hour. All film will be rendered in 1080 HD to facilitate transfer to, and further editing by, the customer, but the customer is responsible for providing the means of transfer as even rendered file sizes are huge. I DO NOT provide archival service for for film work, raw files are deleted once a rendered video file is successfully transferred to you, and and it is your responsibility to archive your videos. VIDEO TRANSFER OPTIONS I can provide you with direct download links to retrieve finished videos, but you must use them within 30 days as any video over 30 days old will be deleted to make room for future uploads, and there will be no archived copy on my end.