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Role-Playing Games are storytelling games that allow players to explore

an imaginary world via an avatar called a character. The imaginary world

is controlled by the Game Master who creates, and narrates adventures

for the player characters to experience. What the player characters do,

the imaginary world, and the adventures the player characters go on, are

governed by a standard set of rules that provide additional realism to the

Role-Playing Game experience. Add this all together and you get

interactive storytelling that can be very fun.

Zarrakan is a diceless narrative role-playing game (RPG) with no set genre that focuses more on storytelling than detailed rules. NEEDED MATERIALS Copy of Zarrakan Copies of Zarrakan’s character sheet Erasers 1 Deck of regular playing cards per player, and 1 deck for the GM. Each deck needs to be the same size, and have a full suite of clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades, and 2 jokers. Paper Pencils A sense of humor. RESOURCES